Guidelines in Buying a Washer and Dryer

When people decide how to spend their money, most of them would indulge in a much-required vacation instead of buying a washing machine and dryer however, while the memories at the vacation will just fade, the laundry duo can give you years of reliable service. As a matter of fact, whether your present appliances are past their prime, malfunctioning or inefficient, you can maximize your satisfaction and investment with your newly bought items by researching your choices.  

A professional and expert individual in washing machine repair like washing machine repair Calgary can definitely help you decide what model of the appliances you will purchase. The following are some tips you need to know before having to decide what washer or dryer you will purchase: 

Washing Machine Types 

  1. Traditional Top Loader

It is the kind of washing machine that most of you grew up with, that is loaded from atop and has an agitator at the center. In addition to that, it is the most inexpensive and least efficient choice because of the slower spin cycles as well as clothes are easily worn out or damaged because of contact with the agitator. 

  1. Front Loader

A very high energy-saving front load washing machine uses less water and energy to wash your laundry and with the huge size of drum, they can manage larger loads such as comforters. Every high energy-efficient machine needs the use of the high efficiency (HE) detergent for easy rinsing. 

High Energy-Saving Top Loader 

For some people, this model of washing machine gives the best of features with the efficiency and capacity of a front loader as well as the accessibility of that of a top loader. Without the agitator, it provides you with an extra full cubic foot for bigger batches. 


The features you select must be based on your needs, preferences and budget and this includes the following: 

Temp Control 

Automatic controls impose the most water efficient to achieve the best outcomes. 

Load Sensor 

A washer load sensor detects the load volume and creates adjustments to the level of water accordingly and automatically. 

Timed Start 

It permits you to delay wash cycles for extra convenience. 


It helps to prevent mold and mildew growth and might increase the lifespan of your appliance. 

Cycle Options 

Wi-fi capabilities, delayed start, touchpad controls, built-in sinks, steam cycles and some other options are available however, since every one of this comes with a certain price, it is very essential to consider which one suits your lifestyle. 

Internal Water Heater 

Very high temperature might be achieved with the internal water heater, for superior sanitization and whiter whites. 

Types of Dryer 


It is the most cost-effective and power-saving of all types even though the initial price will be greater compared to the electric type. 


 A conventional electric dryer might have a more affordable price however, it can also cost more to run because of longer dry times and higher utility rates – particularly for bigger families who do this household chore every day.