Enjoying Terpenes with Your Nose 

What we taste are flavors. What we smell is fragrance. The center of both senses is your nose. For those who do not know, our nose affects a majority of how people taste things. People have a tendency to think that their tongue is great at tasting things. Well, that’s the case for the most part. However, our nose is a lot stronger.  

Terpenes are mainly an experience based on smell. You’ll certainly notice the fragrance, whether you enjoy them as an additive to cannabis or enjoy them in your morning coffee. 

Are you planning to buy terpenes? Today, we’re going to share with you how your nose helps in enjoying them. 

Nerves Detect Smells 

There are nerves that identify smell deep in the canal of our nose. The purpose of the nerves is to protect you. People have to pull the air deep into their nose as they breathe. This is to allow air to come into contact with the smells. This is the reason why chefs waft and breathe in deep if they want to smell their cooking. Also, you’ve got a difficult time smelling things whenever you are ill since there are inflammation and mucus in your nose that prevents air from reaching the nerves.  

Controls the Temperature of the Air You Breathe 

Obviously, your tongue will be burnt right away if you drink something that is extremely hot. This can also occur with the air you breathe. Our nose helps control the air’s temperature that we breathe. In most surroundings, our nose works to warm cold air since our regular temperature is around 98 degrees. The job of your nose is to maintain the homeostasis with the air you breathe. It’s your nose controlling the air’s temperature and humidity if you’ve ever had a runny nose.  

Our Nose is a Humidifier and Filter 

Our nose filters and humidifies the air as we breathe through it. This will prepare the air for your lungs and throat. Try breathing using your mouth. You will soon realize that if you do this, your throat is getting dry. The reason for this is that your mouth isn’t moisturizing the air actively as you take it in. This leads to a dry throat.  

In addition to that, the first filtration system for the air is your nose. Every form of smoke, bacteria, allergens, pollution, and dust is collected in the nose. 

The Main Path for Breathing  

Almost every individual believes that their mouth is the main path for breathing. For those who don’t know, the nose still inhales air even during serious workouts. In addition to that, a lot of individuals feel very uneasy if they’ve got their nose plugged. Obviously, our mouth is a larger hole. However, individuals prefer to use their nose.  

Our nose plays a crucial part in breathing. Basically, the thing that connects your lungs and your nose is nasopulmonary reflex. As you close and open your nasal passage, you’re also doing the same with your lungs. This is what helps your lungs obtain the air you breathe.